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Internships/Volunteer Positions

Unleash your inner music rock star and become an elite part of an ensemble cast of volunteers.

We are seeking Interns and volunteers for our upcoming Induction Ceremony In Temecula, Ca. on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at TVHS Golden Bears Theater in Temecula. All internships/volunteer positions are fully remote until the weekend of the Induction CeremonyThe internship/volunteer positions we have available are:

1 . Social Media

2. Greeters

3. Technicians

4. Induction Ceremony Event Coordinators

5. Induction Ceremony Chairperson

6. Hotel Ambassadors

7. Ushers

8. Photographers/Videographers

9. Caterers

10. Musical Director

11. Community Relations

12. Graphic Design Artist

13. Security

14. Valet Attendants

15. Sponsorship

16. Public Relations

17. Transportation

18. Stage Hands

If you are interested in either Internship or Volunteering for our Induction Ceremony, please email us at  In the subject line please put in Internship or Volunteer and state which volunteer position you are applying for.  Please include your name, email, the city you live in, and your phone number.

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