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Induction Process

The California Music Hall Of Fame Inaugural Class will include a diverse array of music professionals that have contributed to our rich music history.

The first step to becoming an inductee is to be nominated.

Candidates can be nominated by anyone.  Once nominated, the nominee's information is sent to our Elite Anonymous Selection Committee, which is committed to maintaining the highest level of standards regarding inductees while striving to recognize and honor the musical diversity evident in the community.  Once all information has been verified, then the Nominating Committee is vested with the responsibility of selecting a slate of Hall Of Fame inductees. 


It should be noted that all  California Music Hall Of Fame inductees are not chosen in any particular order or by popularity.


Categories for nominees are:

1. Musicians

2. Record Company

3. Radio Stations

4. Song/Album

5. Music Event

6. Music Venue

7. Behind-the-scenes (Manager, Publicist, Session Players )

8. Music Variety Shows

9. Songwriter

10. Variety Show

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