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When music professionals make a difference in the world through their years of sharing their creative talents with the world, it is something that is not only somewhat rare but is something to be celebrated.

Our Induction Ceremony is a commemorative occasion in which those in the American music industry who have made an impact on the American music industry, are inducted as new members of our Hall Of Fame.  The Gala Ceremony reflects an awards show format which includes inducting accepting their induction and performances by some of the inductees.

 With inductees being inducted both posthumously and while they are in attendance, our ceremony can be a variable cornucopia of who's who, and being able to actually witness this moment in time when inductees will be enshrined into our musical legacy forever is something to be treasured.

All criteria and historical evaluation for induction are first determined by an anonymous elite Selection Committee. It should be noted that all CMHOF inductees will not be chosen in any particular order or by popularity. 

The California Music Hall Of Fame would like to give a heartfelt thank you to our inductees whose talents have brought us comfort, joy, inspiration, and lots of memories.  We wish all our nominees the very best as the CaliforniaMusic Hall Of Fame strives to honor and celebrate those elite music professionals who have dedicated their lives to enhancing our music legacy.

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